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As a pilot you are prepared for turbulence: You carry extra fuel in order to be able to circumvent bad weather.

You have found alternative flight paths and can rely on a crew, who has been trained to deal with extreme situations.

As a business owner or executive you are highly successful, but are you also prepared for extreme situations?

How do you react if a death occurs within your team and on top of this two other colleagues suffer an acute stress reaction rendering them unable to work?

Do you possess the leadership competencies, which will enable you to support an employee in such a way that his impending burnout can be avoided?

There are many types of turbulence. Be prepared for them!

Be ready for takeoff.


Your Pilot

Mark Geßner

The Person 

Mark Gessner will bring you stable and secure through your turbulence.

As a pilot, he has 25 years flight experience, during which he has had to make some very consequential decisions.

As a coordinator and trainer in diverse companies, he has lead intervention teams following various types of crises and has, for example, attended to victims and relatives after a plane crash.

As a non-medical practitioner specialized in psychotherapy, he knows the physical and psychological reactions of the affected and which „tragflaeche“ is needed to overcome a particular crisis.

Gessner imparts his expertise in compelling presentations and seminars.

Using concise language, numerous case studies as well as fascinating anecdotes from personal experience, he manages to create a lively and memorable learning experience.



  • Flight Captain
  • Stress Management Consultant
  • Instructor for Individual Peer Support (ICISF)
  • Instructor for Group Crisis Management (ICISF)
  • On-the-Scene Commander for Crisis Management
  • Coordinator in the Mayday Foundation
  • Non-Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • Burnout-Coach
  • Burnout Therapist
  • Relaxation Trainer
  • Seminar Leader for Autogenic Training
  • Seminar Leader for Progressive Muscle Relaxation



German word for wing (aviation)

Effective Stress Management using Crisis Intervention Tools.

Find out more about the physical and psychological reactions to extreme stress situations and learn which techniques are used in professional crisis management to combat them.

Prevention Instead of Crisis Intervention

Learn to recognize and become more aware of stressful situations faced by both you and your employees and how to take protective measures, prevent burnout, and in this way strengthen your leadership skills.

For certain service providers, especially in the tourism industry, a presentation alone is not sufficient. Hotels, airlines and cruise ships are extremely personnel-intensive and have a huge number of ever-changing guests.

We have developed a seminar for these industries, which above all prepares the team and department leaders for the following crisis incidents during daily business:

  • accidents resulting in serious injury and death of employees and guests
  • attacks and rape
  • suicide (attempted)
  • natural catastrophes and fire

Through effective stress management before, during and after such critical incidences, you will be able to master the situation professionally:

  • What happens in the brain and body? What acute stress reactions arise and how can they be recognized?
  • What do employees and guests need? How do you speak with the affected?
  • With what tools can you support your employees in order to restore their stability and therefore also their ability to perform? The goal is to minimize absence, sick leave and a possible damage to reputation and to maximize customer satisfaction.

The seminars consist of course lectures, group work and can be enhanced with relaxation techniques designed to build up stress resistance.

Extreme events can temporarily “paralyze“ a business due to employees suffering an acute stress reaction.

As part of our efficient support and consultation, we provide the company leadership with a Professional Emergency Management: as on-the-scene commander, we provide necessary structure and coordinate all measures required to overcome an acute crisis.

The goal: to provide employees with information, show leadership, quickly win back control, restore the performance of employees, and to return as quickly as possible to a normal working environment.



Feedback of our Customers

Specialist Marketing Communication

For our executives conferences, we are happy to engage speakers from other areas and disciplines in order to gain new perspectives and leadership competencies.

B2C Company Channel Operations Manager

We are placing increasing value on establishing current aspects and new skills in our company such as Burnout Prevention, Stress Resistance, Activation of Resources.

Director Flight Operations

For us Crisis Intervention is not just an inherent part of the Flight Safety Culture but is also an integral feature of our courses which focus on Stress Management as well as other aspects.

Club Director

Mr Gessner’s In-House-Workshop for our department leader took place at the exact right time: A few days later a death did actually occur at the club, to which we were able to react professionally.



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